5 Reasons to Hire a Child Custody Attorney

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Finding the right child custody attorney can seem like an incredibly important decision and, for many reasons, it typically is. While you could represent yourself throughout the process, this likely isn’t a situation in which you will want to risk losing your children to a partner just to save some money. In this article, we will look at 5 reasons you should consider hiring a child custody attorney for your upcoming case and some of the reasons that choosing an experienced attorney will help make the process much easier.

Your Child is Potentially in Danger

The safety of your children should be paramount throughout any child custody case. If you believe their safety is on the line, you should not only call 911 but should also consider other legal actions that may be necessary. Unfortunately, this is a situation this will almost always require the assistance of an experienced and capable attorney. Don’t wait to get qualified legal representation if you think your children may currently be in danger with your former partner.

Your Former Partner has an Attorney

One of the tale-tell signs that you need the help of an experienced professional in child custody cases is that your ex has already retained a lawyer. It is important to note that your options will likely range in price, and that is ok! Take the time to find a child custody attorney that you are comfortable sharing intimate details with that still fits your pre-determined budget. Remember, this isn’t a process that you want to take a chance on if your former partner has already found a lawyer for the process.

You Have Jurisdiction Issues

If your former partner lives in a different state, jurisdiction issues could quickly complicate the process outside of the scope an inexperienced person would be able to navigate. To be ready, you will need to know not only the child custody laws of your own state but also the state in which your ex currently resides. For this reason, seeking counsel with an attorney that specializes in child custody cases is typically recommended when jurisdiction issues may come into play.

Your Case Has Gotten Complicated

What can seem like a simple case can become much more complicated as it progresses. This could stem from harbored feelings toward a former partner or a feeling that one party may not be treated fairly when the outcome is presented. If you suspect that your partner will try to keep your children from you or convince a court that you are an unfit parent, a child custody attorney may be able to help present the case in a different light and fight for you.

You Have Court-Mandated Treatments

Having a court-mandated drug or alcohol treatments or anger management classes can decrease the way that you are perceived in court. If this situation, it is typically wise to seek the support of an experienced attorney. However, there are some exceptions to this is in areas where all parents are required by the state to participate in these classes as found in some jurisdictions although this is often uncommon. For this reason, it is important to check your local laws or work with an attorney to uncover this vital information.

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