5 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

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Anyone facing a divorce from their partner may be confused about where to turn to in the beginning, or even what resources may be available to them. After a few Google searches, many people feel like they should be able to complete the proceedings amicably without the use of attorneys; however, things often take a turn and can end up in disaster if they are unprepared. But how do you know if you need to invest in a divorce lawyer?

While many people may think that they are capable of handling their own divorce, things can get challenging very quickly if you haven’t retained the services of an experienced and qualified divorce lawyer. Individuals who try to manage their divorces often run into complications and end up not receiving the outcome they had hoped. Before deciding to venture into a divorce alone, it is important to understand the following signs that could signal you need a divorce lawyer for your upcoming divorce proceedings.

1. There are Children Involved

As a parent, the last thing you want to lose during a divorce is the custody of your children. This causes high stakes throughout the process and will often end in bitter fights over who should be responsible for the children long term. In most cases, if there are children involved, retaining a lawyer should be your first priority. You don’t want to risk losing your children because you were unprepared for the process.

2. There are Extensive Assets Involved

Any time there are more than a few thousand dollars in assets on the line, including a marital home, the division of property can become a larger problem than both parties might have imagined. Because this can become tricky, having the support of an experienced attorney will ensure a fair division of the property. Without a lawyer, you could miss out on a property that is rightfully yours.

3. The Divorce was a Result of Domestic Violence or Abuse

Domestic violence or a history of abuse can create a strong emotional dynamic throughout a divorce process that doesn’t allow the parties to communicate fairly. Without legal counsel, the spouse responsible for abuse can usually negotiate an unfair deal or threaten their spouse into unfair terms if a divorce lawyer isn’t included in the discussion. 

4. There are Potential Organization Issues

Divorce proceedings often require a lot of paperwork, particularly when dealing with financial documentation. Unfortunately, anyone his unorganized may miss out on crucial information or deadlines required during the process. With a divorce lawyer in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that you will know what papers need to be completed and how to get them on time.

5. There is a Joint Business

Having a shared business can complicate a divorce even further because of the financial implications that are involved. An experienced attorney will be able to help guide their client through this portion of the process. Often this will include enlisting an appraiser or consultants to determine the equity of the business.

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