When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Man in handcuffs

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, there’s a good chance that the first thing you will want to do is hire a criminal defense attorney. While the obvious factor that will influence the decision-making process is the associated costs and fees that accompany the services of a lawyer, they may be minimal in comparison to the legal consequences that may become life-altering if counsel isn’t obtained early enough in the process to make a difference. 

While not always practical, it would seem to make the most sense to hire a criminal defense attorney from the moment you are arrested. Since this likely isn’t feasible for most people, hiring an attorney as soon as possible within the bounds of your budget and resources. This could be the moment you are released after your arrest and have been given an arraignment date. This will be the first hearing in which you are given a chance to plead guilty or not guilty and having the assistance of a lawyer throughout the process can help immensely, especially if you are facing more serious charges. 

A criminal defense attorney will not only know the legal process that you will be facing but also the best way to navigate it. With the support of legal counsel, you will fully understand the charges that you are facing before you enter the courtroom and the range of consequences that you could potentially be facing. This insight is often a great primer to help determine whether a plea deal may be the best route to take if you want to fight the charges. Regardless, the support of a criminal defense attorney will help establish the pros and cons needed and give you the ability to pursue your desired route. 

Facing legal charges can be an incredibly emotional process and having the support of a criminal defense attorney may make the process seem less daunting. Having someone in your corner that knows their way around the legal system and the best approaches to the charges you are facing can make the process less painful, particularly if you are fighting the charge. Working with a criminal defense attorney can help protect your future since they will be prepared to fight for you at all times and look for any potential ways to reduce or dismiss the charges that are against you. Waiting until the last possible moment could negatively impact your chances at a beneficial or decreased legal decision for the charges you are facing. 

At Amber Law Group, we have experience defending clients that are facing criminal charges and can help advise what possible penalties a client may face. Our knowledgeable attorneys use strategy, skill, and experience to resolve cases effectively on behalf of our clients. We will begin an immediate investigation to collect all the necessary evidence for your case. Using research tools, technology, and experts, we have the sophisticated resources to assert your rights in or out of court cost-effectively and efficiently. Contact the firm today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

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