Can a Criminal Charge Affect My Future?


Did you know that over 44,000 federal and state statutes can affect individuals with criminal records daily? From defining the areas in which they can live to keep them from finding a new job or stripping away their right to vote, there are many ways in which a criminal charge can affect an individual’s future. For some, this could even mean the revocation of their U.S. citizenship or immigration status. 

The impact a criminal charge can have can extend throughout every aspect of an individual’s life. Even after immediate concerns have been dealt with, including jail time or fines, that is often just the beginning of a series of problems that may impact the person charged. With so much at stake, working with an experienced attorney is critical for ensuring that your best interests, and future, are kept as intact and promising as possible. 

How Can an Attorney Help Fight Criminal Charges?

Even though an individual has been arrested and charged with a crime, that does not always mean they will be convicted. Working with an experienced attorney to fight criminal charges can provide individuals with a new set of resources and tools to improve their chances of a better outcome. For instance, an attorney may convince a prosecutor to drop charges altogether before a case ever goes to trial. 

Attorneys will take the time to investigate the circumstances that led to an arrest and identify any allegations that have been brought forward. If evidence is found that proves the charges should be dismissed, this is just one of the circumstances in which a case may be dropped. However, if the case does go to trial, there is still a chance for acquittal. An experienced attorney will be able to look at all possible avenues and create a plan to protect their client from criminal charges. 

One final approach that a criminal defense attorney may help with regarding older charges is seeking expungement. Through this process, arrest and conviction records are sealed so they cannot impact your ability to find gainful employment or live a fulfilling life. While the laws regarding expungement vary from state to state, a knowledgeable attorney should be able to research a case and determine what might be possible to pursue. 

While just a brief overview of what is possible, a criminal defense attorney is often critical for ensuring that criminal charges do not lead to convictions. Once an individual is found guilty, it is often far harder to wipe that slate clean and start over. If an individual is arrested for a criminal charge, they should contact an attorney as soon as possible for the best outcome. 

At Amber Law Group, we know that no criminal defense case is the same. Our team of attorneys has helped defend countless individuals to help keep their future intact. You may be feeling guilt and shame from your arrest, but you deserve an experienced criminal attorney who can effectively represent you and your rights. Contact us today at 918-895-7216. We have offices in Tulsa and McAlester that are waiting for your call.

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