Can a Criminal Charge Affect My Future?

March 12, 2021

Did you know that over 44,000 federal and state statutes can affect individuals with criminal records daily? From defining the areas in which they can live to keep them from finding a new job or stripping away their right to vote, there are many ways in which a criminal charge can affect an individual’s future.

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Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

February 12, 2021

Dealing with a divorce is never fun; however, many people still have to ask whether they need a divorce lawyer or go through the process alone. Whether you have had a long marriage, or it is still fresh and does not seem right anymore, divorce is a life-changing and daunting step.

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Personal injury lawyer signs up a new injured client.

What Injuries Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help With?

January 15, 2021

When it comes to personal injury cases, it can often be hard for the average person to determine whether or not working with a lawyer will benefit them or if they have a case based on the type of injury they have sustained.

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Drinking and Driving

The Best DUI Defense Options If You Get Arrested

December 11, 2020

For individuals that find themselves in this all-too-common scenario, many penalties can come from a poor judgment call to get behind the wheel including a substantial fine, driving ban, up to 60 days in prison – or more severe consequences like causing a fatality.

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Shot glass and handcuffs

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a DUI Attorney

November 13, 2020

Although heavily frowned upon nationwide, people still drive intoxicated all the time. People make mistakes and may not think about the consequences they could have or how it could impact their quality of life until they are facing DUI charges

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Are You Covered?

When to Hire an Attorney – Insurance Claims

October 16, 2020

As we invest in insurance policies, we tend to think of them as a proactive way to prepare in the event of a personal injury or other unforeseen circumstance that is out of our control; however, we rarely hope that we have to use them.

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Gavel, Alcohol, and Care Keys

When to Hire an Attorney? – DUI

June 20, 2020

If you or your loved was recently arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, there’s a good chance that a court appearance has been scheduled to appear before a judge.

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Man in handcuffs

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

May 20, 2020

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, there’s a good chance that the first thing you will want to do is hire a criminal defense attorney.

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close up of the word divorce in a dictionary with gold wedding bands

5 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

April 20, 2020

Anyone facing a divorce from their partner may be confused about where to turn to in the beginning, or even what resources may be available to them.

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