Determining whether or not you are ready for a divorce is a hard decision, and just thinking about it can be as stressful as finally taking the steps to make it official. However, if you decide that it is the right decision for you, your children or your future, it is important to ensure that you partner with an experienced divorce attorney that will be your best advocate both in the courtroom and outside of it. This is where the Amber Law Group’s dedicated team of lawyers can help guide you through this otherwise stressful situation and find the best outcome possible.

A divorce will inevitably become a strenuous and emotional period for both parties involved. Not only do you have to make decisions that could impact your financial future and the relationships within your family, but you also have to ensure that you are getting a fair outcome that benefits both parties. At Amber Law Group, we understand the impact a divorce can have on the rest of your life and will work aggressively to ensure you have the legal rights and protections needed throughout the process.

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The dedicated lawyers at Amber Law Group will take the time to listen to your concerns and goals and work ceaselessly to help achieve your unique needs and goals. Our mission is to ensure that understand each aspect of the legal process and will provide the guidance and legal assistance needed until the process is completed.

If you need someone to stand in your corner and fight for the best interests of your family, our team is here to protect your legal rights. If you are looking for an aggressive divorce lawyer to stand up for your best interests, call today to schedule your free consultation.


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Comprehensive Divorce Representation to Meet Your Needs

We understand that the court and most parties prefer to come to an agreement regarding the divorce and child custody beforehand, and our attorneys are skilled at negotiating and mediating a collaborative resolution wherever possible.

We also seek to serve your best interests, and our attorneys are skilled trial lawyers who will not hesitate to aggressively represent you in a court of law if need be.

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Amber Peckio Garrett is the owner of Amber Law Group where she practices consumer protection, insurance disputes, products liability, family law and criminal defense.

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A divorce is almost never easy, and when minor children are involved, the emotional and legal difficulties increase significantly. A major issue that needs to be handled with expert care and skill is that of child support. Whether you need to establish an order for child support, enforce it or modify it, the child support attorneys can offer you elite legal assistance throughout the divorce process and beyond.

There is no easy part of a divorce, and often times the issue of child custody is the most difficult of all. It is often the part of the divorce process that gets the most emotional and personal. There is nothing more important to a father or mother than their children, and it is understandable that people will do whatever is necessary to keep their children, which may lead to accusations flying and feelings being hurt.

You need to rest assured that an experienced child custody lawyer in Tulsa is looking out for your best interests in this situation and knows the complex laws that make up Oklahoma child custody. Whether you need our Tulsa child custody attorneys to mediate a negotiation outside of court or to provide aggressive litigation, Amber Law Group will fight to protect the legal rights of you and your children.

At first, the most stressful part of filing for divorce comes from the heartbreak and
emotional pain of realizing a marriage is no longer working. Unfortunately, it rarely stops at just that. If there are minor children involved, the issue of child custody and child support arises. Then there is the question of property division or separation of assets. This can include determining who keeps the house, an automobile, furniture, retirement plans and anything else considered to be marital property.

The fight for property can often turn just as bitter and personal as a high-conflict child custody battle. It is a difficult and detailed process and can be overwhelming to handle without proper legal help. The Asset and property division lawyers of we have the
experience to guide you through the process of property division while protecting your rights and interests and helping you obtain the assets to which you are entitled.