Products Liability Attorneys

Products Liability Attorneys Are Here to Help

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, the products liability attorneys are here to help. No matter the size of the manufacturer or the nature of their products, they have a duty to create goods that are safe for usage. This is true whether the product is used as intended or even used for a different purpose but in a way that is foreseeable to the manufacturer. Both state and federal laws are in place allowing you to sue a manufacturer, distributor or retailer for medical bills, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering if you are injured by a defective product. Our negligence lawyers have years’ worth of experience fighting for the people of against big businesses in order to get them the monetary compensation and peace of mind they deserve.

Our injury attorneys are capable of handling all types of products liability cases, including those that involve defective drugs or medical devices. Whether the product responsible for your injury is something as simple as a children’s toy or as complex as an automobile, there are typically three ways in which a product may be found to be defective. A defect may have occurred in the design or manufacturing stages, or the product may have failed to give adequate safety instructions for usage. Below, included more information on these types of defects which we hope you find helpful.

Manufacturing Defect

The key difference between a design defect and a manufacturing defect is that a design defect makes a product inherently unsafe, whereas a manufacturing defect affects a product that would be safe if built as designed. If the manufacturing defect is the result of human error, only a few products may be affected. A defect occurring in an assembly line can result in thousands of inherently unsafe products. Manufacturing defects are often the cause for mass recalls of automobiles, which may be found to have unsafe seatbelts or airbags after they have been made publicly available. This can also happen in medical devices, where a product meant to cure an ailment contains a defect that ends up causing more harm than before. In that case, a Tulsa defective medical device attorney will have the experience and legal knowledge to help you recover just compensation for your injuries.

Design Defect

The basis of products liability law is that manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure that their products are safe for usage and/or consumption. If a defect occurs in the design stage, every single product will have the same defect and be inherently unsafe. As a result, thousands of injuries or even deaths can occur. Some common examples of a design defect would be a handheld power saw with no safety guide, or an automobile whose gas tank is located too close to the electrical system in the car. In the latter case, a minor car accident could cause a catastrophic gas explosion.

Failure to Warn

Most people can look at a circular saw and know that it can be used in an unsafe manner. What about a chocolate bar? Or floor wax? It might seem harmless, but what if you have an allergy to peanuts and the candy bar was made with machinery that comes in contact with peanuts? What if the floor wax takes an extra long time to dry and walking across your kitchen results in a slip and fall? The point is that all product makers have a legal obligation to include clear warnings of any dangers involved in their foreseeable use, including non-obvious risks that could occur through use of the product.

Products liability law is highly complex, and most product manufacturers are equipped with financial resources and legal teams that are far beyond what a consumer harmed by their unsafe product can muster. An experienced products liability lawyer in Tulsa who knows the fine distinctions of the law can make the difference between fully recovering for your injuries and having your claim dismissed. Do not let corporations that value profit over safety deny you the compensation you deserve.

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