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Whether you work in construction or in banking, in a mine or in a school, you run the risk of being injured on the job every single day. While some lines of work are certainly more dangerous than others, anyone can be a victim of a costly and debilitating accident in the workplace. Nearly all workers are protected by workers’ compensation insurance, yet employers may often initially reject claims. You may feel scared and unsure of what step to take next. We believe in protecting the rights of the people.

And when the working man or woman is injured or even killed on the job, every workers’ compensation lawyer at our firm aggressively pursues all possible means to make sure their rights are protected and that they receive all of the medical and monetary compensation to which they are entitled.

Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ compensation entitles you to medical care, weekly income benefits and rehabilitation in the event of an injury suffered on the job. Many types of injuries are covered, ranging from a basic slip and fall accident to a loss of hearing, stroke, or injuries caused by repeated strain. Workers’ compensation benefits are typically paid for by your employer’s insurance company. Even so, the moment you file a rightful workers’ compensation claim, you and your employer are in an adversarial relationship. They may ask you to give statements about your injury without an attorney present or sign documents or even agree to a quick settlement. They may also try to convince you that you have a preexisting injury which precludes you from receiving workers’ compensation. Employers and their insurers have many devious methods which they may use to save themselves money, denying you the full compensation to which you may be entitled.

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Workers’ compensation laws are complex and full of legalese that is often read to the benefit of the employer. Without an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, you will have to deal with crafty insurance adjusters or company lawyers on your own. These people are trained professionals whose job depends on protecting the insurance company’s rights and interests, not yours. As dedicated workers’ compensation lawyers , we aggressively cut through all of the bureaucratic red tape in order to get you on the road to physical and financial recovery.

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If you or a loved one has suffered an accident on the job that has led to injury, disability or even death, our work-related injuries lawyer will have the experience that can help you obtain your just compensation.